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In Business Since 1983
In Business Since 1983

Columbus Lawyer Handling Debt Harassment Cases

When an individual, family or business files for bankruptcy protection, an automatic "stay" is issued to all creditors. This "stay" stops all debt collection actions and debt litigation pending the outcome of the bankruptcy case.
If after receiving notice of the "stay" relating to the bankruptcy, any creditor, debt collection agency or law firm contacts you about the debt or debt litigation, this is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the bankruptcy laws.
You should document each violation and immediately report the violation(s) to your attorney.
In some cases, these violations may lead to fines, penalties and potential civil litigation that may allow you to seek civil damages for each and every violation that has occurred.
This also holds true if you are contacted by creditors, debt collection agencies or law firms following a successful bankruptcy regarding debt that has been discharged in the bankruptcy case. A restraining order is issued with the discharge in the bankruptcy, which protects you after the case is completed.
We are extremely detailed in our preparation regarding your bankruptcy and other bankruptcy related legal issues, provide a comprehensive approach in seeking a successful bankruptcy, and guide you through this difficult process with the dignity and respect you deserve.